13 Tips To Save Power On Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, mobile phone functions are becoming more and more powerful, but the battery life has always been a pain in the hearts of users, so how to save power?

1. Keep the phone cold


If the temperature of the mobile phone is too high, it will also affect the battery life. Don't often expose the mobile phone to high temperature. For example, when you go to the beach, don't expose your mobile phone to the beach, which is absolutely not good for your mobile phone battery life.

2. Reduce screen brightness


The most battery consuming part of the mobile phone is the screen. Turn down the brightness of the screen as much as possible, which can prolong the battery life of several hours at most. Some mobile phones have settings that automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the brightness, but to really save power, you still have to minimize it. Just set the screen to a way you feel comfortable. Again, setting it to a minimum can prolong the battery life of several hours.

3. Reduce screen timeout

mobile phone

Generally, the screen will dim automatically after a period of 30 seconds or one minute. It is most reasonable to set a reasonable timeout according to the frequency of lighting the mobile phone, which can save a lot of electricity.

4. Power saving mode

Power saving mode

Many mobile phones have a special power-saving mode, such as turning off different radios, WiFi, Bluetooth and so on. But this has a great impact on the system performance. It's best to turn this on when you need to save power. Some phones have a setting, such as starting to enable automatic power saving mode when the power is only 30%.

5. Turn off the vibration


Many people don't realize that mobile phone vibration requires a lot of power. If it's not necessary, it's best to turn it off.

6. Turn off unused functions


Radio, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS all consume batteries. If you don't use Bluetooth, turn off the Bluetooth headset. Remember to turn off the GPS when you don't navigate.

7. Turn off touch feedback

touch feedback

Many mobile phones have a touch feedback. When you press the keyboard, there will be a small vibration feedback. Turn it off if you don't particularly need it.

8. Restart


Sometimes when the mobile phone is very crowded and various applications are open and get stuck, it is very useful to restart it decisively to clean up those messy background applications. It is still very useful to restart it occasionally.

9. Turn off app notification

app notification

This function will tell you what happened behind it. Once connected to the Internet, these app notifications will come and go. This is very power consuming, and many apps have this function. Especially for the iPhone, the pop-up app notification really consumes power.

10. Flight mode

Flight mode

Although you can't do anything when you turn on the flight mode, your equipment will hardly consume power in this mode. The flight mode can also be quickly switched on in the notification center. When playing large stand-alone games, it is recommended to turn on flight mode.

11. Turn off battery percentage display

battery percentage display

Although this does not save electricity, it will prevent you from always worrying about power consumption.

12. Disable some background application refreshes

background application refreshes

You can decide which apps can refresh content in the background in WiFi or mobile networks, or use location-based services. In addition to setting up individual applications, you can simply turn off this function completely.

13. Reduce dynamic effects

dynamic effects

Turn off the dynamic wallpaper and dynamic effects of Android. For Apple users, IOS 7 adds an interesting parallax effect. When you move the device, the wallpaper will shift slightly to create a 3D effect. But this may also affect the endurance. You can turn it off in Settings > General > accessibility > reduce dynamic effects.

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