15 Species Of Birds With The Most Beautiful Feathers in The World

The bird is the spirit of nature, their colorful feathers and beautiful elegant posture so that people love. Do you know which are the most beautiful birds in the world?

1. White Peacock

White Peacock

The white peacock is snow-white with no mottled feathers, but its eyes are light red. After the White Peacock opens its tail in a colorful way, it is like a huge white feather fan, dazzling. When its feathers hang on the ground, it gives people a feeling of wearing a wedding dress, beautiful. Although the color of white peacock is monotonous, it is no less than other peacocks, and it will give people a feeling of purity and nobility.

The internationally recognized peacock species are only blue peacock and Green Peacock. White Peacock generally refers to the variation of wild blue peacock under artificial breeding. It is rare and is a very precious ornamental bird.

2. Lilac-breasted Roller

Lilac-breasted Roller

Lilac breasted roller, its beak is thick and wide, conical, but the apex is slightly downward curved with hook. The base of the second and third toes are connected. The wings are long and pointed. The tail is long and mostly square. Typical feather colors are blue and green. It feeds on insects, lizards, spiders, small mammals and birds.

They often stop and wait in a quiet place, then prey, and also chase flying insects in the air to peck. Nesting in tree caves or caves also occupies the old nests of magpies. Lilac-breasted Roller is the national bird of Botswana and Kenya. It is widely distributed in sub Saharan Africa and southern Arabian Peninsula. It likes vast woodland and grassland.

3. Cygnus


Cygnus refers to the birds of the wild goose family, which is a kind of migratory birds. It is distributed in all continents except Africa and Antarctica. Each Cygnus maintains a rare "lifelong companion system" and stays together whether feeding or resting during the winter in the south. When the female Swan lays eggs, the male Swan guards nearby.

4. Flamingo


Flamingo, also known as red stork. It is about 80-160cm high and weighs 2.5-3.5kg. Size like a stork; The mouth is short and thick, the middle part of the upper mouth bends downward, and the lower mouth is large and grooved; The neck is long and curved; The feet are very long and bare, there are webs between the front three toes, and the rear toes are short and do not touch the ground; Moderate wing size; Short tail; The body feathers are white and rosy, the flying feathers are black, and the coverts are crimson. They match each other and are very gorgeous. Because of its bright plumage, it is raised as an ornamental bird.

It inhabits the warm tropical Salt Lake Waterfront, involves the shoal, and feeds on shrimps, clams, insects, algae, etc. When looking for food, dip your head down, turn your mouth upside down, suck the food into your mouth, discharge the excess water and inedible waste, and then swallow it slowly.

5. Sagittarius serpentarius

Sagittarius serpentarius

Sagittarius serpentarius, also known as secretary bird, gets its name from the crown feathers behind its head that look like feather pens. This widely distributed bird in Africa has a very beautiful appearance. Some Sagittarius serpentarius can reach a height of more than 1 meter, which makes them like a real Phoenix. In addition to their beautiful feathers, this bird has another feature, that is, they have long and prominent eyelashes, which makes them the model of birds.

They mainly feed on snakes, lizards, grasshoppers, rats and bird eggs. Walk to catch prey.

6. Paradisaeidae


Paradisaeidae is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Most male birds have colorful appearance, and their feathers are also very complex and gorgeous. Male birds will show their gorgeous appearance when courting and perform elegant dance.

As Paradisaeidae lives in the inaccessible mountains and jungles, people only see this beautiful bird flying in the air and do not know where it is going, so a beautiful legend has emerged. Paradisaeidae is a "divine bird" living in heaven and eating dew nectar.

7. Ara Macao

Ara Macao

Ara macao is a typical climbing bird. It has opposite toe feet, two toes forward and two toes back. It is suitable for grasping. The bird's beak is strong and can eat hard shell fruits. With bright feather color, it is one of the parrots with the most beautiful color and the largest body size. Its face has no feathers and is full of stripes. It can change into red when excited. The tail is very long and belongs to a large climbing bird.

Native to tropical America, it nests in holes on river banks. It is easier to accept human training. It can get along well with other kinds of parrots, but it will also bite other animals and strangers. Life can last up to 80 years.

8. Peacock


The whole length of the peacock is more than 2 meters, of which the tail is about 1.5 meters long, the top of the head is green, and the crest is blue-green and sharp; The tail covert is very long, forming a tail screen, bright and beautiful; The real tail feathers are short and dark brown. The female bird has no tail screen, and the feather color is dark brown and variegated. Inhabits the open areas of the forest.

Blue peacocks are distributed in India and Sri Lanka, and green peacocks are distributed in Southeast Asia.

9. Caragana


Caragana is the general name of white bellied Caragana and red bellied Caragana. The shape is similar to magpie and parrot, with yellow and red textures on the back. Red mouth, green top, red belly. Paws are strong and like fighting.

10. Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus is the largest member of the parrot family, with a body length of 1m and a weight of more than 1.5kg. Bright blue feathers and a huge beak like a hook make them particularly eye-catching.

11. Urocissa erythrorhyncha

Urocissa erythrorhyncha

Urocissa erythrorhyncha is a large crow with a body length of 54-65 cm. The mouth and feet are red, and the head, neck, throat and chest are black. There is a white to light blue white or purple gray patch from the top of the head to the back of the neck. The rest of the upper body is purple blue gray or light blue grayish brown, and the tail feathers are thriving, especially the two in the center are more prominent. The tail is white, with red mouth and red feet, which is more solemn, elegant and dignified. It is also known as the long tail Blue Magpie.

12. Bombycilla garrulus

Bombycilla garrulus

Bombycilla garrulus has a body length of 18 cm, a wingspan of 34-35 cm, a weight of 40-64 g and a life of 13 years. It is a small songbird. Its whole body is basically grape grayish brown, its head is dark brown, and its head has a slender cluster shaped feather crown. With beautiful posture and soft singing, it is an ornamental bird in the garden in winter. It is distributed in northern Europe, northern, central and eastern Asia, western Canada and northwestern United States.

13. Paradisaea rudolphi

Paradisaea rudolphi

Paradisaea Rudolphi is about 30 cm long. It is a small and strong dark paradise bird. The beak is blue and white, and the eye circles are white. The male has blue wings, back and tail. The female's lower body is chestnut brown. The black feathers of male birds, together with blue tail feathers and two slender tail bands, are very eye-catching.

It is distributed in the east of the central region of Papua New Guinea and mainly feeds on all kinds of fruits. Paradisaea Rudolphi is regarded by some ornithologists as the cutest of all birds.

14. Aix Sponsa

Aix Sponsa

Aix Sponsa is a colorful small arboreal bird produced in North America. The body length is about 48 cm. Both males and females have unique feather crowns. The male feather crowns have two vertical white stripes. The female feather has white eye rings and the body feather is coal gray.

15. Hypothymis azurea

Hypothymis azurea

Hypothymis Azurea is a small bird with a body length of 14 ~ 16 cm. In addition to the white coverts under the abdomen and tail, the whole body, wings and tail surfaces of the male bird are blue, and the top of the head is sky blue. The characteristics are very obvious.

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