20 Extreme Sports, How Many Would You Dare To Try?

Lonely planet, a professional travel website, lists 20 extreme sports that make your adrenal hormone surge but acceptable. From roller ball to volcanic skateboarding, the most exciting extreme sports are on the list.

1. Volcanic skateboard

Volcanic skateboard

Volcanic skateboarding was first pioneered by an Australian traveler in Leon, Nicaragua. The sport is to slide rapidly from the surface of an active volcano on a reinforced plywood flat sled, braking and turning with your ankles. Its speed may be as high as 90 kilometers per hour. Of course, this activity can only be carried out after you climb the volcano. Experience place: León Bigfoot hostel provides a daily tour of nearby Sierra Nevada volcanoes.

2. Downhill


In order to ride on rocks and tree roots, downhill cyclists have designed full shock-absorbing bicycles, which can ride down quickly even on steep slopes full of obstacles. Experience place: Bolivia is known as the best downhill speed riding place on the "road to death", which is the most popular place for backpackers. A safer place is Whistler bike park in Canada. The park can ski in winter and turn into a bicycle park in summer.

3. Cave diving

Cave diving

Ocean diving is exciting enough for some people, but is it more adventurous and exciting to explore the underwater cave system in a cave? Watching stalactites is usually the most attractive activity. Experience place: Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has the world's largest cave (sinkhole) group. There are lush forests by the pool, and the water is as clean and transparent as pure turquoise.

4. Helicopter skiing

Helicopter skiing

Helicopter skiing requires solid skills. Usually a helicopter will take you to the inaccessible area first. If you are an experienced skier or skateboarder, you can get the most exciting experience. Experience location: Although this activity is widely banned in Europe, it is very popular in North America and New Zealand. The Chugach mountains in Alaska are proud of the thickest and softest snow in the world.

5. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping

In Vanuatu island countries in the South Pacific, there is a custom of jumping from a height with vines tied around their ankles. Inspired by this, bungee jumping came into being. Alan John Hackett, a new Zealander, first advocated this modern sport. People tied safety ropes and jumped down from a platform. Experience place: the bungee jumping point (43M) of Kawarau bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand is the birthplace of bungee jumping. Zambia's Victoria Falls bungee jumping point (111 meters) is more beautiful.

6. Extreme ironing

Extreme ironing

This is a performance art of ironing clothes invented by people in remote and dangerous places. The sport is said to combine the thrill of extreme sports with the satisfaction of ironing clothes flat. Experience place: from the top of the mountain to the deep sea, the world is a good place for extreme ironing.

7. Rolling ball

Rolling ball

This is also the invention of new Zealanders. People sit in a large transparent plastic ball and roll down the hillside. You can choose to play alone or with friends. Experience place: the earliest rolling ball companies were established in Rotorua, New Zealand, the United States and Guam, but you will find similar rolling ball equipment all over the world.

8. Ice climbing

Ice climbing

An ice climber climbs a geographic structure that forms ice, such as a frozen waterfall. Necessary equipment includes ice pick and other special ice slope climbing equipment. Experience place: the orry iceberg theme park in Colorado, USA, opened in 1995. It is the first park in the world dedicated to this sport. However, the sport is also popular in Canada, and fans love waldavid village in Quebec.

9. Kite surfing

Kite surfing

This sport combines water skateboarding, skateboarding surfing, windsurfing, paragliding and gymnastics. Kite surfers stand on a specially designed skateboard and use a powerful kite to push them across the ocean. Experience place: perennial windy beach. Whether it is the camber sands in the UK, Kailua beach on Oahu Island in Hawaii or El Gouna, a small town in Egypt, it is an ideal place to experience.

10. Rolling cheese

Rolling cheese

The movement originated in Gloucester, England in the 15th century. Participants roll down a steep slope in pursuit of a round cheese, so it is an easy injury sport.

11. Skydiving


Forget hang gliding and cliff parachuting, which are not as exciting as jumping from a place 10000 feet high. In addition to the dangers of air skateboarding, paragliding and fixed-point skydiving, skydiving can be controlled by everyone. Experience place: it is a good choice to choose a place with beautiful natural environment, such as Byron Bay in Australia or the Swiss Alps.

12. Bouldering movement

Bouldering movement

Nowadays, rock climbing is very popular and almost included in the competition of the 2020 Olympic Games. The latest popular sport is bouldering, which means you can't wear any safety equipment when climbing. Experience location: the sport is popular in North America. Indoor bouldering on low walls will greatly reduce the risk, which can be seen everywhere in Britain and Germany.

13. White-water rafting

White-water rafting

In 1981, the first white water rafting began on the Zambezi River below Victoria Falls in South Africa. White water rafters drive an inflatable boat through the rapids. Torrent grades from 1 to 5 are suitable for rafting, but if the risk coefficient above grade 5 is high, it is no longer suitable for rafting. Experience place: the level 5 rapids with the most beautiful scenery in the world appear in Zambezi River in South Africa, Suarez River in Colombia and sun Kosi River in Nepal.

14. Ice swimming

Ice swimming

For centuries, Nordic people have been particularly fond of bathing saunas in ice water. However, the more modern International Ice Swimming Association believes that formal ice swimming should swim a mile (about 1600 meters) in water below 5 degrees Celsius.

15. Water board surfing

Water board surfing

Water board surfing combines surfing with some other skateboarding. Surfers use a piece of equipment similar to skateboards to surf on artificial flowing waves.

16. Sky line adventure

Sky line adventure

Sky line adventure is often included in ecotourism. It uses the pulley on the suspension cable to cross a slope. It is also called cableway gliding or flying fox.

17. Rope walking movement

Rope walking movement

Enthusiasts call it the revolution of walking high wire. Participants skillfully walked on a tensioned nylon rope, both ends of which were fixed above the ground. Although it doesn't look like extreme sports, it's really very difficult.

18. Snowmobile


Snowmobile was first started in 1959. It is a way of transportation on snow. Modern snow motorcycles, also known as snow motorcycles, are more used for extreme cross-country sports.

19. Canyoning


This sport is also called canyon rafting or shuoxi. It encourages participants to use techniques such as climbing and rope descent to cross the scenic canyon. It is usually carried out in high mountains with running water.

20. Cross country activities

Cross country activities

This activity combines a number of field skills such as swimming, mountain climbing, rock climbing and diving. Participants are required to walk or swim rather than take a boat across the intertidal area of the rocky coastline.

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