7 Kinds Of People Are Prone To Gallstone Disease

Most people are familiar with stones; But for gallstones, fewer people pay attention to them. In recent years, due to the bad diet structure and habits and habits changes, gallstone incidence rate has increased obviously, reaching 10%, and the trend of younger age has appeared. Other statistics show that compared with men, women are much more likely to suffer from gallstones. This is because the sex hormones in women will affect the chemical composition of bile and the contractile function of gallbladder, thus promoting the formation of stones. According to the causes of gallstones, there are seven kinds of people in life who are more prone to disease and need special attention.

1、 A sedentary person after a meal

play computer

If you don't like exercise and reduce physical activity, the contractility of gallbladder muscle will decrease and the bile emptying will be delayed, which is easy to cause bile stasis and create conditions for the formation of gallstones. In particular, some people like to sit on the sofa watching TV or playing computer after dinner, and eat all kinds of snacks while watching, which is one of the important reasons for inducing gallstones.

2、 Obese people


The direct consequence of eating high-fat and high sugar food is obesity, which is an important factor in the formation of gallstones. The incidence rate of gallstones is 5 times higher than that of the ordinary people, 15%. The incidence rate of gallstones in 20 to 30 year old women is 6 times higher than that in normal weight. The obese women over 60 years old have 40% gallbladder diseases and gallstones.

3、 People who don't eat breakfast


Generally speaking, after three meals a day, the gallbladder will discharge bile regularly. If you don't eat breakfast, the gallbladder doesn't have to excrete bile in the morning. Often, it will reduce the content of cholic acid, concentrate bile and increase the possibility of stone formation.

4、 Those who prefer meat and sweet food

sweet food

Such people usually eat more fat and cholesterol at ordinary times, which is easy to form cholesterol stones. Too many sweets will promote insulin secretion and accelerate the deposition of cholesterol.

5、 Women with multiple pregnancies


Gallstone patients accounted for 70% of women, and the more pregnant times, the higher the incidence rate. The reason is that the high level of estrogen in women's body will affect the formation of glucuronic acid bilirubin in the liver and increase unconjugated bilirubin. Estrogen also affects the emptying of gallbladder, causing bile stagnation and easy to form stones.

6、 Long term oral contraceptives


This kind of people are twice as likely to suffer from gallstones as others. The incidence of gallstones in postmenopausal women treated with estrogen drugs is also significantly increased, which may be related to the role of sex hormones.

7、 Family history of disease


People with this genetic gene are more likely to develop gallstones than ordinary people.

Dietary precautions for gallstones

1. Reduce the intake of fat food, prohibit high-fat and fried food, and do not eat or eat less fat meat, viscera, egg yolk and fried food.

2. Try to use less animal oil in cooking, and increase the intake of vegetable oil and protein, such as lean meat and aquatic products.

3. Dishes should be mainly steamed, stewed and cold mixed. Avoid spicy and irritant food and do not drink alcohol to reduce adverse stimulation to the biliary tract.

4. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables helps to digest and absorb food.

5. When dining out: try to choose clear stew, cold mix and other food cooked without oil; Meat can choose chicken with low fat content, but it should be appropriate and peeled at the same time; Try to avoid using seasoning oil on the table.

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