8 Benefits Of Taking A Nap

People are prone to depression in hot summer. If you are in an irritable mood for a long time, it will affect the skin quality of female friends and the healthy texture of the skin. Experts suggest that you should take a correct nap every day in hot summer. Regular nap is good for your health.

What are the benefits of taking a nap?

1. Lower blood pressure

blood pressure

A recent study by researchers at elligny college in the United States found that if work pressure is high, it will raise blood pressure. At this time, you might as well take a nap for a period of time, which will help reduce blood pressure.

2. Protect the heart


Taking a 30 minute nap at least three times a week can reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death by 40%. In addition, the incidence rate of coronary heart disease in countries and areas where they are accustomed to napping is much lower than that in non napping countries. This may be due to the fact that noon rest can relieve the cardiovascular system and reduce human tension.

3. Enhance memory

Enhance memory

American researchers have found that the correct time of nap can significantly improve the body's energy and alertness. The University of durdorf in Germany shows that taking a nap can not only effectively eliminate fatigue, but also enhance people's memory.

4. Improve immunity

Improve immunity

Studies have found that 1:00 noon is an excellent time for sleep. Short sleep can well stimulate lymphocytes in our body and enhance the activity of our own immune cells.

5. Prevention of depression


Taking a nap can improve our negative mood, reduce our tension and relieve the pressure of working in the afternoon. A study by Stanford University School of Medicine found that taking a nap can also effectively dispel psychological depression.

6. Eliminate sleepiness


Many people feel tired after lunch. British scholars have studied this phenomenon and found that taking a 10 minute nap in the afternoon every day can eliminate sleepiness, which is much better than sleeping two hours more at night. According to the recently published German Bild Sunday, more and more office workers in Germany have the habit of resting in the office at noon.

7. Prevention of coronary heart disease

coronary heart disease

Taking a nap can not only improve work efficiency, but also prevent coronary heart disease. According to medical researchers, 30 minutes of nap each day can make the hormone secretion more balanced and reduce the incidence rate of coronary heart disease by 30%. Researchers believe that the incidence rate of coronary heart disease in Mediterranean countries is low, which is related to nap habits. The incidence rate of coronary heart disease in northern and North American countries is high, one of the reasons is lack of nap. The mortality of adults who sleep less than 4 hours is 180% higher than those who sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. This suggests that if people don't get enough sleep at night, they should take an appropriate nap, which will be beneficial to their health.

8. Regulate mood

in bad mood

Immunology experts say that after lunch, in order to help digestion, the body will automatically be dominated by parasympathetic nerves. At this time, taking a nap can more effectively stimulate lymphocytes in the body and enhance the activity of immune cells. Spanish medical research shows that every day nap 30 minutes, hormone secretion in the body is more balanced, cardiovascular disease incidence rate can also reduce by 30%.

The correct way of nap should be developed. Only a reasonable way of nap can achieve the best effect of relaxation and rest

Take a nap

1. The ideal way to take a lunch break is to lie on your side in a quiet place away from the light.
2. Don't take a nap immediately after lunch. The nap time should not exceed 30 minutes.

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