8 Fruits That Are Good For You

I believe many people will often eat fruits. Now there are all kinds of fruits on the market. Each fruit has its own effect. Eating more fruits every day is very helpful for supplementing vitamins and other nutrients.

1. Mango


Mango can prevent premature skin wrinkles, because mango contains more carotene and some beneficial enzymes, which can stimulate the vitality of human skin cells and slow down the generation of wrinkles.

2. Pineapple


The protease component contained in pineapple can promote the repair of body tissue when the human body has muscle strain, tissue inflammation and poor blood circulation.

3. Bananas


In case of excessive use of the brain and insufficient vitamins, minerals and calories in the body, you can eat some bananas to help the human body provide necessary nutrients when recovering its function and alleviate the negative state faced by itself.

4. Papaya


If you overuse your eyes, you will consume a lot of vitamin A, an important substance needed by the human retina. At this time, you can eat papaya that can provide a lot of vitamin A as a supplement.

5. Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit has a good therapeutic effect on gingival bleeding in the mouth, because the content of vitamin C contained in kiwi fruit is relatively high. Most patients with gingival bleeding are bleeding and swelling caused by lack of vitamin C. And the content of vitamin C in kiwifruit is the most abundant among all fruits.

6. Oranges


People who lack vitamin B1 are vulnerable to beriberi. In this case, you can choose to eat more oranges. The vitamin B1 contained in oranges can help alleviate the problem of beriberi.

7. Avocado


Dyeing and perm will take away the moisture and oil from the hair and make the hair hairy. Mature avocado contains 30% vegetable oleic acid, which has a good therapeutic effect on hair irritability.

8. Grape


Grapes can well remove toxins from the lungs. For people who smoke for a long time, a large amount of garbage and toxins accumulate in the lungs, which seriously damages the function of the lungs. The active ingredients in grapes can improve cell metabolism and help lung cells recover health.

Now we know that we can eat more mango, pineapple, banana, papaya, kiwi fruit, orange, avocado and grape, which are helpful to the human body, and their effects can help alleviate many kinds of injuries suffered by the human body, such as damaged hair, treating beriberi, relieving mood, repairing damaged tissues, etc, We can also eat more fruits that are good for the human body to help the body maintain a healthy state.

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