9 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise can make the cells of the body active and make people healthier. Therefore, sports and health are positively related, but modern people neglect the management of sports, their physique gradually becomes worse and often get sick. Therefore, in order to be healthier and live longer, we should pay attention to sports.

What are the effects of exercise on the body?

1. Promote metabolism

Exercise can accelerate the rate of metabolism in the body, speed up our heart rate and blood flow, and promote the body to continuously release heat. A large number of toxins and metabolic wastes in the body will be excreted in the form of sweat, and the body will become cleaner and easier.

2. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Exercise can make the heart get effective exercise, make the contraction of the heart stronger, increase the diameter of the coronary artery, and protect the blood vessels by increasing the elasticity of the arterial wall. In addition, exercise can promote the burning of fat in the body, reduce the pressure and burden of the heart, and play a positive role in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Improve brain function

Exercise has a positive regulatory effect on the central nerve of the brain. Exercise is commanded by the brain, and exercise can make the central cells of the brain in an excited state, continuously enhance the vitality of brain cells and the regulatory ability of cerebral cortex, and make the brain thinking more agile and flexible.

4. Enhance lung function

Exercise stimulates the respiratory center, speeds up the respiratory frequency and increases the lung capacity, so that our respiratory muscles and respiratory auxiliary muscles can be effectively exercised, so as to increase the lung capacity and improve the lung function.

5. Make joints and bones more flexible

Exercise can effectively exercise the muscles and joints of the whole body, promote more calcium to be stored in the bone, significantly improve bone and bone density, make the bone firm, avoid osteoporosis, and strengthen the toughness of ligaments and muscles around the joint, stabilize the joint and avoid arthritis.

6. Improve body resistance

Exercise can make the whole body cells active, significantly improve the internal environment and keep it in a stable state. It can also activate quiet immune cells, enhance human immune function and effectively improve the ability of human body to resist bacteria.

7. Lose weight

Exercise is the most respected way to lose weight, mainly because exercise can regulate the nervous and endocrine system, enhance metabolism and accelerate the rate of fat metabolism, promote the consumption of excess energy and inhibit its conversion into fat in the body, so as to lose weight and shape the body.

8. Anti aging

Various organs and tissues of the human body will gradually age, and exercise can enhance cell vitality and make people appear young. In addition, exercise promotes the discharge of dirt, free radicals and other harmful substances in cells, making the skin more elastic and effectively delaying the rate of aging.

9. Decompression

Exercise can regulate the excitement and inhibition process of the brain, prevent excessive nervous tension in the brain, eliminate negative emotions and reduce stress, and improve the sleep quality after exercise, so that we have more energy to face life and work.

In short, exercise has many positive effects on the body. We should choose appropriate exercise according to our own ability. Remember not to exercise blindly.

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