It's A Great Place To Visit All Year Round, But The Best Time Is In The Summer, On Australia's Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a city in the southern state of Queensland, Australia, and a holiday resort on the eastern Coast of Australia. The Gold Coast, Australia, stretches 42 kilometers of coastline with dozens of beautiful beaches. There are bright sunshine, continuous white sand beaches, clear blue water, romantic palm forests.

1. Geographical location 

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is 78km south of Brisbane, is an hour and a half drive away. There are buses in Brisbane to the Gold. There are also trains that can be reached, or you can drive by yourself, or even by air. It starts north from South Port and south to Kurrumbin, In addition to the pleasant scenery, the most characteristic is the distribution of many interesting theme parks.Famous are Warner Brothers film world, ocean world and dream world. Surfing on the Gold Coast is also an attractive water sport for visitors.

2. Climate

It is suitable for tourism all year round, but the best time is in summer, which is very suitable for diving.

The Gold Coast has a subtropical monsoon climate, with sunshine and humid air all year round. It is suitable for tourism all year round, but the best time is in summer, which is very suitable for diving. Australia's summer is December - February, a year, the average maximum temperature of 28℃, the average minimum temperature of 11℃.

3. Tourist attractions

Numerous tourist attractions

(1) WB Movie World

WB MovieWorld

Founded in March 1991, Warner Bros. Movie World covers 168 hectares and has a production theater that can show famous films for visitors to see. Here, visitors can understand the various processes of film production and be involved in the film plot, it's really, really fun.

(2) Dreamworld


Dreamworld is located about 18 kilometers north of Surfers Paradise, next to the Pacific Motorway. It is a theme park suitable for the whole family to travel together on vacation. The park is full of beautiful dreamy colors, There are all kinds of rides for adults and children, Such as "Golden City", the world's largest "rail pulley", "carousel", "snake water skiing", thrilling "roller coaster" and interesting "wave rolling" and so on. There are also well-designed live performances, computer-controlled koala doll performances, and video theatres and cinemas.



Founded in 1971, SeaWorld is a fun place for all ages, It offers visitors a fresh experience of seeing marine animals, with a variety of exciting rides and amazing shows. 

Next to SeaWorld there is a Versace Hotel, remember to book in advance, otherwise it is difficult to have a spare room. Not all places have Versace hotels. The choice of hotels during travel is very important. Sometimes you may go to a place just to stay in a hotel there.

Versace Hotel

Fisherman's Wharf is located next to Sea World. It is the main yacht dock on the Gold Coast, surrounded by many private yachts and seafood restaurants. 

Fisherman's Wharf

On the other side of the Great Bay is a world-renowned luxury resort hotel, the Sheraton Phantom, Its sail-like roof is a feature and one of the Gold Coast's landmarks. There are also many youth hotels here, which is an ideal place for self-help tour enthusiasts.

the Sheraton Phantom

The shore of Nerang River is where the rich live, with rows of seaside villas and flocks of seagulls. Most of the landlords here are big stars in show business and sports. Private marinas, yachts are the basic configuration here, and even private jets are common. 

Yachts in the rich area

(4)Currumbin Sanctuary

Currumbin Sanctuary

Covering 27 hectares, the Currumbin Sanctuary is home to more than 1,400 species of animals and birds, and the entire park has been designated as a national cultural heritage site. Here you can watch the Australian wild dog show, the venomous snake Show, the Super Crocodile Show and more. You can also feed kangaroos and hold koalas for photos. 

(5)Wet'n Wild

Thrilling and fun water slide project

Wet'n Wild is a large water park in Oxenford, close to SeaWorld and the WB Movie World. As many as 109,500 visitors were admitted in 2009. There are all kinds of thrilling and interesting water slides and water playing places in the park.

(6)Q1 Building

Q1 Building

Q1 means the first in Queensland. Located in the center of Gold Coast, the 78-story building was completed in 2008 and is 322.5 meters high. The top floor has an observation deck.

(7)Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

The heart of the Gold Coast is Surfers Paradise. In 1925, Jim Cavill opened a hotel in this place and named It Surfers Paradise. Gradually, Surfers Paradise attracted visitors from all over the world.

Surfers Paradise is one of the best surfing destinations in Australia, and perhaps the world. The water on the shore is very shallow, but the waves keep coming, and After entering the water, the water's not over the waist. It faces the Pacific Ocean, because of the terrain and natural environment, there is no wind here all year round, but also waves, most of them are big wave bay with high wind.

The Surfing World Championship Tour, the world's top surfing event, often uses the place as a venue.

Surfers Paradise

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