If You Have Any Of These Dogs, Cherish Them

The life of dogs is very short. Some dogs can live for more than ten years, but some dogs only live for a few years. Today, let's talk about several dogs with the shortest life span. If you keep them, you must cherish them!

1. Great Dane

Life: 6 ~ 8 years

Great Dane

The Great Dane is a very tall dog with gentle character and beautiful appearance. It is a very excellent domestic companion dog. Great Danes like to get along with humans and are tolerant of children. Many families raise a great dane to accompany their children.

But the Great Danes can't escape the fate of large dogs. Their life span is very short, even less than ten years. If you keep them, you must cherish the time with them.

2. Rottweiler

Life: 8 ~ 10 years


Rottweiler dogs are strong, swift and powerful. They are one of the most courageous and powerful dogs in the world. They are widely used as military and police dogs and excellent family guard dogs. The Rottweiler is very loyal to its owner. Once you are recognized as the owner, you will guard the owner with your own life.

Unfortunately, the life span of Rottweiler dogs is not long, and they have a high risk of cancer, so pet owners must take them to physical examination regularly, and pay attention to all aspects of health problems at the same time.

3. Bordeaux dog

Life: 5 ~ 8 years

Bordeaux dog

Bordeaux dog, also known as french mastiff and Bordeaux bulldog, has a huge wrinkled head, giving the impression of being aggressive. They are very alert to strangers and have a certain threat, but they are very gentle to their owners and are very excellent guard dogs.

Bordeaux dogs exchange life for their temperament and character. Their life span is very short. Generally, they will die due to the degradation of physical function at the age of 5-8.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

Life: 6 ~ 7 years

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bourne mountain dog is a large dog. It is very smart, has good endurance, is not aggressive, loyal and easy to tame. It is also an excellent family dog. Bourne mountain dog is very friendly to people, and likes to play with its owner. It is very tolerant of children, but it is troublesome to raise. I believe everyone who has raised it knows.

The life span of Bourne mountain dog is also very short. Even if it is carefully raised, its life will not exceed ten years, which is really sad.

5. German Shepherd Dog

Life: 9 ~ 10 years

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd is a versatile working dog. It can be engaged in various jobs, such as anti drug dog, riot dog, search and rescue dog, guide dog, tracking dog, shepherd, etc! The German shepherd who doesn't work is also very docile and can please his master very much. In the whole dog world, only German Shepherd can be so excellent.

But people who have raised German Shepherds know that they don't live long. German Shepherd is easy to suffer from the genetic disease of hip dysplasia. It is usually recommended to feed some calcium tablets to German Shepherd to avoid the dog's weak bones due to lack of calcium in the body.

6. Irish Wolfhound

Life: 6 ~ 10 years

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is a real giant dog. It is the tallest dog in the world. Its coat is very messy, its body structure is strong and its muscles are very developed. It combines strength and speed, and has keen eyesight. Irish wolfhounds have many advantages, but their life span is very short.

Therefore, the Irish Wolfhound should be raised very carefully and scientifically, so as to prolong its life.

7. Bloodhound

Life: 9 ~ 11 years


Blood hunting dog is one of the oldest, purest and largest olfactory hounds in the world. It has a very sensitive sense of smell. And it has magical olfactory tracking ability. It can track the smell even if it lasts for more than 14 days.

But the life span of the Bloodhound is not too long, so you have to bear the pain of its leaving early.

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