If You Have These 10 Symptoms, You May Have Diabetes

Diabetes is an endocrine disease caused by hyperglycemia. Most of the reasons for missing the best treatment period are because diabetics do not know that they are already suffering from diabetes. Therefore, early detection of diabetes is very important for us. Early detection can be treated as soon as possible.

Before the onset of diabetes, there are 10 possible symptoms.

1. Feel weak all over

Feel weak all over

Even without any work or exercise that will cause fatigue, diabetics will feel weak and tired in any case. There will also be low back and knee pain and lower limb weakness, especially when climbing stairs.

2. Dysuria


Most men with diabetes have difficulty urination.

3. Decreased vision

Decreased vision

When vision loss, blurred vision and eye fatigue occur, you should pay attention to diabetes.

4. Numbness of hands and feet

Numbness of hands and feet

When you have numbness in your hands and feet, it may be the peripheral neuritis caused by diabetes.

5. Skin pruritus

Skin pruritus

Diabetes can also cause severe skin itching, especially at night, sometimes even affecting the quality of sleep.

6. Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections in diabetic patients are different from normal urinary tract infections. The former is caused by the urinary tract, while the latter infection usually comes from the kidney. In addition, urinary tract infections caused by diabetes will be slower than normal urinary tract infections.

7. Oral diseases

Oral diseases

When you feel dry mouth, thirsty, burning sensation of the mouth, gingival bleeding and periodontitis, you may suffer from diabetes.

8. Decreased male sexual ability

Decreased male sexual ability

Diabetes can also reduce male sexual function and cause sexual dysfunction.

9. Unreasonable weight loss

Unreasonable weight loss

Under normal diet, weight loss suddenly appears to be associated with diabetes.

10. Constipation and diarrhea

Constipation and diarrhea

Diabetes also affects the visceral nerves, leading to gastrointestinal dysfunction. The common symptoms are constipation and diarrhea, and the symptoms are difficult to disappear.

Daily care for diabetic patients:

People with diabetes, especially those with cerebral circulation insufficiency and anoxia, tend to faint when they get up quickly. Therefore, when you change your posture, remember to stand up slowly, stand firm, and then walk.

For diabetic nephropathy patients, we should pay attention to controlling protein intake and reducing non animal protein intake, such as beans.

Low salt diet, the study found that people who eat more salt at the same life, diet and other habits will increase their risk of diabetes by 2 times. Too much salt will increase the amount of hunger hormone. This substance will inhibit insulin secretion and directly weaken the hypoglycemic ability of insulin. "Hunger hormone" will make people have a big appetite. If you eat too much, you will get fat. Obesity is very bad for diabetics. In addition, salt also increases blood pressure. Hyperlipidemia and hypertension can also aggravate vascular damage and increase the risk of diabetes.

Therefore, in order to prevent diabetes and control blood sugar, besides eating less sweets, remember to eat less salty food.

Drink plenty of water and replenish water is very important. The daily water consumption should be about 1000-1500 ml, more than the urine and sweat of a whole day. If you are active and sweating a lot, you should continue to replenish water.

Regular physical examination, early detection, and finally emphasize that prevention is the most important!

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