The Most Beautiful Places in The World, 10 Romantic Tourist Attractions

The most beautiful places in the world are luolaima mountain, seriyalan waterfall, wisteria tunnel, sky territory, Luoping rape field, Glacier National Park, cotton fort, love tunnel, flying fountain and ponkar waterfall.

1. Roraima


Mount Roraima is located at the junction of Brazil, Venezuela and Guya. It is also the birthplace of many rivers. There is a rock wall in the southwest of luolaima mountain. Due to long-term corrosion, the mountains around the rock wall have fallen off, leaving only this rock wall and the waterfall flowing down.

2. Iceland - Serialand falls

Serialand falls

The seriyalan waterfall in Iceland flows down from the green field. With a pure white water flow and a height of 60 meters, it looks like a good piece of silk from a distance. Around the seriyalan waterfall, there is a bluish green cliff. The natural green and white waterfalls complement each other, like a beautiful picture. Therefore, seriyalan waterfall is called "the most photogenic waterfall".

3. Japan - Wisteria tunnel

Wisteria tunnel

Japan has a private Wisteria garden called Hanoi Rattan Garden. Hanoi Rattan Garden is full of Wisteria flowers. According to the survey, the largest Wisteria tree has existed for more than 100 years. From April to early June every year, wisteria flowers in Hanoi Rattan Garden will bloom one after another, forming a romantic and beautiful fairy tale world in the garden. Because a "Wisteria bridge" is formed over the garden when Wisteria flowers are open, and tourists walk under Wisteria flowers, Hanoi Rattan Garden at this time is called "Wisteria tunnel".

4. Bolivia - Sky mirror

Sky mirror

There is a small town of Uyuni in the southwest of Bolivia, a South American country, with the largest salt marsh in the world - Uyuni salt marsh. Salt marshes generally change with seasonal climate changes. In Bolivia, Uyuni salt marsh has plenty of rain in winter and is a lake. In summer, when the lake dries up, the salt grains in the Uyuni salt marsh gather together to form a mirror of the sky. The sky mirror completely reflects the scene in the sky. Walking on the Uyuni salt marsh in summer is like entering a multi-dimensional fantasy world.

5. China - Luoping rape flower field

Luoping rape flower field

This rape flower field is the largest flower field in the world. In the flowering season every year, rape flowers grow freely along the terrace to form multiple yellow and green color blocks. Looking down on this rape flower field through aerial photography, it is very beautiful.

6. United States - Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is built to commemorate the friendship between the United States and Canada. There are steep and snowy peaks and wide frozen rivers in the park. Because the fantastic scene is called the crown of the Rocky Mountains.

7. Turkey - Cotton Fort

Cotton Fort

Cotton fort in Turkey is named because most of the stones on the surrounding hills are gray and look like cotton from a distance. Cotton fort has a large number of hot springs, clear lake water against the gray mountains, like a fairy tale world.

8. Ukraine - tunnel of love

tunnel of love

There is a railway track in Ukraine. It is surrounded by green branches and vines. From a distance, it is full of green. At the same time, the strange shape of the railway track makes these green plants look exquisite and dreamy. Therefore, this railway track is called the tunnel of love and is considered to be the most beautiful railway track in the world.

9. America - flying fountain

flying fountain

In 1961, geysers were produced in the middle of the Nevada desert because of a drilling well. The spring water gushed out of the desert boulders, forming a circular and orderly green ecosystem around. But in other parts of the Nevada desert, it is still windy sand. In contrast, the scenery near the geyser is like a secret place. Therefore, it is called a flying fountain.

10. Vietnam - ponkar falls

ponkar falls

Ponkar falls is the largest waterfall in Vietnam, close to the jungle in southwest Vietnam. Because of the terrain, ponkar falls are distributed in steps. The dense steps divide the ponkar falls one layer after another, so the water flow forms a spinning texture. Walking in the waterfall, sacred and quiet.

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